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Maximum value

Our Trade Providers are certified with more than 10 years experiences of Forex Trading and low risk of losing money.

We're Secure

We’ve spent years perfecting our security to provide privacy you can trust in an uncertain world filled with security breaches.

We're Profitable

Apart from daily profits, our clients can enjoy several benefits offered by our partnership policy.

We're global

Our customers come from every corner of the world. Until now, our working range still continues to grow

We Accept Crypto

Cryptocurrency providing vendors and consumers with a safe and secure method of making transactions

Best Support

We provide you with a devoted Support Team working 24/7.

Your investment is protected with

Capital FX Trade Insurance Fund

Minimize losses

All accounts of Trade Copiers are protected with an Insurance Fund to minimize losses when copying trading orders.

Full Range of insurances

Insurance levels ranges from 75% up to 100% of your capital and applicable for 100% of your trading orders.

Insure benefit

For each negative result, an insurance amount will be paid to your account, the rate is based on your investment packages.

Investment Plans


Minimum: 50$

Daliy Earning: 0.3$

Total Tenure: 528 Days


Minimum: 1000$

Daliy Earning: 6$

Total Tenure: 528 Days


Minimum: 20,000$

Daliy Earning: 120$

Total Tenure: 528 Days


-Minimum/Maximum Deposit: $300
-Total Tenure: 66 Days
-Daily Earning: 0.4 ~ 0.6 %
-DB will be credited after 3 months.
-NW Points Instant
-Clients can withdraw awards, once account will be converted to standard account.
-Capital Amount can be refunded if a person wants to quit before or after trial period completion.
-After completion of tenure, trial account can only be shifted to standard account.


-Minimum Deposit: $500
-Total Tenure: 264 Days
-Daily Earning: 0.3 ~ 0.45 %
-Instant (DB, NW points)
-Capital Amount will be Refundable after completion of policy, with 7% deduction in capital will be applicable.


-Minimum Deposit: $50
-Total Tenure: 528 Days
-Daily Earning: 0.4 ~ 0.6 %
-Instant (DB, NW points)
-Capital Amount will not be Refundable after 3 months, before that 25% of deduction in capital will be applicable.

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